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This page last modified on February 1, 2017.

What's New

Modification Log

See the Modification Log for the history of the Ample Power website.

New Lower Prices on the EnerMatic Controller

February 12, 2014: Prices are dramatic lower on the EnerMatic Controller.

Added an engine sensor page that lists senders and a sender package for those who already have engines and want to upgrade to the EnerMatic Controller.

There's also a new page with alternator and EnerMatic Controller packages.

Online Shopping

June, 2009: We've started building our Online Store.

One nice feature of the software running the store is the ability to integrate buy buttons with existing pages. See the bottom of this link for an example.

Online Support

June, 2009: Ample Power now has online supprt forums. See this URL.

Many people have the same or similiar questions about their systems. With the online forums, an answered question becomes a seachable answer ...no waiting for an exchange of email.

Other users and dealers may know the answer to a posted question and respond quickly.

Ample Power support is better than ever!

Reorganization of the Web Site

It's long overdue, and not complete, but major changes are being made to simplify the presentation and arrange it more logically. At the same time we didn't want to lose information or break links others have made to our site.

To facilitate the changes, and make it easier to maintain later, a special build program has been written. It enforces the appearance, adjust links and cleans up unnecessary files that get generated in the process of converting documents in LATEX format to html format. Each page is also automatically generated in PDF as well as html.

For help on navigating the site, see Navigation Aids

Power for Ocean Buoys

As of Novermber, 2008, over seventy diesel battery chargers with the new watertight EnerMatic Controller have been built for a customer. Each unit runs on the test stands accumulating 200 hours of operation before being dropped into the can. To support the engine run-in program we constructed three tests stands. The EnerMatic Controller on each stand communicates with the Rap Web Server which takes raw data, plots it, and logs it to generate a historical record.

The Rap Web Server is Internet connected, which lets us or the customer access the data and if desired, to start or stop the engine. The engines operate at about 2600 RPM, and deliver 100 Amps at 28 Volts to a resistor load bank and four 6-Volt golf cart batteries.

48 Volt Power for Cell Sites

Delivering 200 Amps at 58 Volts, the DBC48-200 is our highest power standard product. A successful test of the system has been completed in Ghana.

The unit has an attached 17 gallon oil tank. Each time the engine is turned off the EnerMatic Controller operates an oil pump to provide a mini-oil change. Oil in the system will only be changed once a year.

Next Step 2 Regulators, NS2

The NS2 continues the Ample Power tradition of improving alternator regulation. The NS2 offers the fastest reponse to load changes of any alternator regulator. An optional serial port allows battery equalization and monitoring. The NS2 uses a microcomputer with flash memory, which means that the firmware can be updated without changing a chip.