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EnerMatic Info
EnerMatic Manual
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Self-Contained (Bio)Diesel DC Energy Systems ...12/24/48 Volts


Engine/Fuel Tank Enclosure

Self-Contained Energy Systems

Move it in. Bolt it down. Start it up. That's a little simplified since the units don't ship with oil, coolant, or diesel fuel, but installation has never been easier. Everything is pre-wired and plumbed, and the EnerMatic Controller is already configured to the system voltage and battery capacity.

A fuel tank of aproximately 32 gallons is part of the main enclosure shown above. The engine starter battery is also within the enclosure and wired.

Batteries are supplied as a module that the engine enclosure mounts on top of. It can be pre-wired and physically attached at the factory, or field attached if shipping constraints prevent factory attachment.

Choose a power rating from the table below:

Voltage Rated Amps kW Part #
12 150 2.2 S-DBC12-150
12 280 4.0 S-DBC12-280
24 75 2.2 S-DBC24-75
24 175 5.0 S-DBC24-175
24 300 8.5 S-DBC24-300
48 100 5.7 S-DBC48- 100
48 200 11.5 S-DBC48- 200

Cost for the engine and fuel tank enclosure: $15,000.00
Does not include the engine/alternator assembly, but does include all wiring including the EnerMatic.

Battery enclosures are quoted on request.


Watertight EnerMatic Controller

EnerMatic Controller

Every unit comes with the watertight EnerMatic Controller. Everything is pre-wired including the alternator, alternator shunt, battery shunt and the battery temperature sensor. Additional relays or modules may be required to control solar panels and/or wind/hydro generators.

The EnerMatic Controller monitors the main energy battery bank, the starter battery, fuel level, engine oil pressure and coolant temperature. It automatically starts and stops the engine based on the battery needs. The EnerMatic Controller regulates the DC alternator with a smart multi-step regimen and precisely adjusts output voltage based on battery temperature.

The EnerMatic Controller can operate stand-alone, or in conjunction with a remote control system. Several communications options are provided by the EnerMatic Controller, including serial ports and/or ethernet access.

With the watertight control system units are ready to go into an ocean buoy, a desert enclave, or a mountain top communications shack.