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Cross Charge Diode


Simple Two Battery Charging

Charging a second battery can be as simple as connecting a diode between them. When the primary battery is charged, the secondary battery is also charged through the Cross Charge Diode, CCD. The Ample Power CCD is rated for 200 Amps continuous, allowing it to be used with virtually all alternators. It is rated for 12 and 24 Volt systems.

Schottky for Efficiency

Regular silicon diodes are only partially effective when used to cross charge another battery ...they drop too much voltage. As a result, the second battery never reaches a full charge. The Ample Power CCD is a high current Schottky diode that exhibits very little voltage drop, permitting the second battery to charge fully. A system that charges liquid electrolyte batteries fully will also charge a gel or AGM battery completely via the Cross Charge Diode.

Cross Charge Diode Applications

  • Charge an electronic `noise filter' battery;
  • Charge an emergency starter battery;
  • Charge an emergency bilge pump battery;
  • Charge a normal starter battery;
  • Charge a second house battery;
  • Charge a bow thruster battery;

A dedicated battery can be used to charge any secondary battery. Many noise problems can be eliminated by using a small sealed battery for electronics. A normal starter battery can be maintained via the CCD, and prudent offshore sailors and ocean racers may elect to have an emergency starter battery also maintained with a CCD.

A small battery to supply power to bilge pumps assures that there is power in an emergency, even if the house bank is completely discharged.

Electrical Specifications

  • Maximum Current, 1 minute ...300 Amps.
  • Continuous Current ...200 Amps.
  • Voltage drop at 200 Amps, F/C ...0.75 Volts, 77/25
  • Maximum Operating Temperature, F/C ...176/80.
  • Maximum Reverse Voltage ...45 Volts.

Dimensions and Mounting

The Cross Charge Diode is 5.5 inches, (140 mm) long by 4.75 inches, (121 mm) wide. It stands 2.75 inches, (70 mm) off its mounting surface. It can be mounted in any orientation, however, it cools better with the fins vertical. A cooling fan may be required if mounted in a limited space. The housing is marine grade aluminum which has been black anodized.

Be sure that the mounting surface can withstand the maximum operating temperature.

Ordering Information

Cross Charge Diode, 12/24V, 200 Amp #1029