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Ample Power CD


People who haven't read and applied the information in the two books, Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power, and Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power have literally wasted millions of dollars. How do we know? Because the majority of people are using batteries that are not suited for their application, and they are not treating the batteries properly.

Purchasing the wrong batteries, or charging good batteries improperly are two expensive mistakes which can be avoided. Other costly mistakes include buying instruments which don't have the accuracy and resolution to be trusted, or buying multi-step regulators which taper charge Amps the same as standard automotive regulators. If you're going to pay a premium for a speciality regulator it should charge fast and full.

The Ample Power CD contains both books, the Ample Power Primer, installation and operation manuals, and product data sheets. Also included are articles from Power News and the FAQ. All the files are formatted in the popular PDF format for easy offline reading and searching.

Stop wasting money. Order your copy of the Ample Power CD today. You can order the CD now.

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