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Smart Charger Manual
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Ample Power Smart Chargers


Power Supply/Charger


Smart Charge Manager

A Fast, Full Charge!

From the engine alternator or from AC power, a fast, full charge is the name of the game ...and only battery temperature compensation allows it be to done safely.

Since 1987, thousands of Ample Power alternator regulators have been delivering multi-step charging performance with temperature compensation ...saving their owners thousands of dollars in battery costs.

Now we offer the exact same performance from AC chargers ...which means battery owners can save thousands of dollars more! With many models to choose from, and compatability with liquid, gel, and absorbed glass mat batteries, everyone can pamper their batteries and still get a fast, full charge.

Build a Charger!

With the Ample Power approach, you can build a charger to meet your anticipated needs ...or you can start out easy, and add charge capacity later. Using the Smart Charge Manager, and Power Supply/Chargers listed below, you can have from 15 to 220 Amps of charge capacity in either 12 or 24 Volts! Up to 32 different current ratings are possible using the Ample Power mix and match approach.

Power Supply/Chargers can be connected in parallel ...their charge capacity is the sum of the individual capacities. For instance, a 15-Amp unit and a 55 Amp unit make a 70 Amp charger. Up to four power modules can be used with one Smart Charge Manager. Any combination of modules can be combined.

To make 24-Volt chargers, Power Supply/Chargers are stacked in series. Two 30 Amp modules in series makes a 24-Volt, 30 Amp charger. Up to four series strings of modules can be connected in parallel, (eight total modules) and controlled by the Smart Charge Manager. Think about it ...220 Amps at 28.8 Volts is 6336 Watts!

Improved 24-Volt Charging

With the series connected units, improved charge performance is provided by connecting the 12-Volt junction of the two chargers to the 12-Volt junction of the 24-Volt battery bank. This reduces chances of cells failing in the battery bank. The two halves of the 24-Volt bank are charged at equal voltages, even if some of the cells in either half have unequal capacities.

Stand Alone or Integrate!

Smart Alternator Regulators and Smart Chargers operate independently but can be integrated with the Energy Monitor/Controller to provide a smarter charge ...the Energy Monitor/Controller knows battery capacity and state-of-charge at all times. With Amp-hours consumed, Amp-hours remaining, battery Volts, Amps, and temperature, the Energy Monitor/Controller is the best way to manage house and starter batteries. Programmable alarms that can be individually enabled or disabled means that no abnormal condition goes unnoticed.

The Energy Monitor/Controller also interfaces to solar panels, wind generators, generator start/stop controllers, and a personal computer.

Smart Charge Distribution!

The Next Step Regulator, Smart Alternator Regulator, and the Smart Charge Manager can drive optional solenoids to distribute charge to other battery banks. Parallel cross charge connections are only made when actual charging is taking place. (Only one solenoid required.)

Ample Power!

When it comes to charging choices, no one has better technology or comes even close to offering the range of charge capacities. Specify Ample Power from the alternator, or from AC power. We deliver Smart Amps!

Ordering INformation

Smart Charge Manager, 12-Volts #SCM-12
Smart Charge Manager, 24-Volts #SCM-24
Power Supply/Charger, 15 Amps, 12-Volts #PSC15-12
Power Supply/Charger, 30 Amps, 12-Volts #PSC30-12
Power Supply/Charger, 45 Amps, 12-Volts #PSC45-12
Power Supply/Charger, 55 Amps, 12-Volts #PSC55-12

Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions below are inches(millimeters) and pounds(kilograms). The length includes space for cable bend radius.

Model Length Width Height Weight
SCM-12 4.5/114) 7/178) 1.4/36) 0.6(0.3)
SCM-24 4.5/114) 7/178) 1.4/36) 0.6(0.3)
PSC15-12 9.8/250) 6.75/172) 3.8/97) 6(2.7)
PSC30-12 9.8/250) 6.75/172) 3.8/97) 7(3.2)
PSC45-12 9.8/250) 6.75/172) 3.8/97) 7(3.2)
PSC55-12 13/330) 6.75/172) 3.8/97) 8(3.6)

Smart Chargers ...Ordering Information

Model List Price ($)
#SCM-12 229.95
#SCM-24 299.95
#PSC15-12 199.95
#PSC30-12 299.95
#PSC45-12 399.95
#PSC55-12 359.95
Regulator Accessories ...Pricing Information

Description Part Number List Price ($)  
Parallel Solenoid #SOL12-100 38.00

Parallel Solenoid #SOL12-200 84.00

Parallel Solenoid #SOL24-100 48.00

Parallel Solenoid #SOL24-200 97.00

Dual Alternator Controller #DAC12 160.00

Dual Alternator Controller #DAC24 195.00

Battery Temperature Sensor #2018 54.00

Twisted Pair Wire #2018-WIRE 24.00