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EnerMatic versus Manual Start/Stop


How does one decide between a manual start/stop system and one with the EnerMatic Controller?

The decision is more complex than just the issue of manually starting and stopping the engine versus automatic start and stop.

Manual Start/Stop

The manual start/stop system comes with a keyswitch to start and stop the engine.

Alternator regulation is done with the Smart Alternator Regulator, V3. The SAR V3 has many years of proven reliability and is relatively inexpensive.

Instrumentation for the engine is via optional analog gauges.

Battery instrumentation is not included.

Certainly the manual start/stop system has a lot going for it. It's easily understood by anyone who operates an engine, particularly a diesel engine.

The EnerMatic Controller System

Yes, the EnerMatic Controller, EMC, can automatically start and stop the engine based on many different programmable parameters. The EMC is the natural choice where batteries must be maintained without a human to turn the control switch.

But even if the EMC was not operated in an automatic mode, there are many desirable features described below.

Watertight Enclosure and Connectors

Imagine the temperature and humidity inside a small buoy floating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now think about winter on a mountain top is northern Canada. The EMC is designed to survive in those kind of environments.

Battery Instrumentation

The EMC is designed to operate an engine when, and only when, batteries need to be recharged. Battery voltage, current and temperature are continuously monitored so that the EMC can make intelligent decisions to start and stop the engine.

Engine Instrumentation

Engine coolant temperature and oil pressure are monitored any time the engine is running.

Alternator Instrumentation

Alternator current is continuously monitored, which allows current or power limiting.

Data Communication

Data from the EMC is available from two serial data ports. One port provides and easy to use menu system to view data and enter control setpoints.

The other port accepts inputs from an external device. Data can be requested and internal parameters can be programmed.

Program, Program, Program

Everything is programmable including battery charging setpoints, start/stop parameters, power and current limit values, and alarm setpoints. Engine controls can be programmed that govern timing for engine start and stop.

Data Logging

Operating data can be stored in internal flash for later analysis.

Local Start/Stop Control and Status Information

The EnerMatic Controller is supplied with a small black box with two switches and status LEDs. One switch is used to start/stop the engine. The other is an emergency stop switch. That input can be shared with external sensors, such as a smoke detector.


Not everyone needs or wants automatic start and stop. The EnerMatic does supply engine and battery instrumentation and can be operated manually via an included control unit.