DC Rated Fuses

Fuses are Required

Coast Guard regulations require all wires connected to batteries to be fused, with the exception of the starter motor. If you aren't fused, your are risking a fire and perhaps an explosion.


Not all fuses are equal. Yes, you may be able to save some money by purchasing AC fuses at the local hardware, or at other marine outlets. If you really want protection, use a fuse designed for DC systems, not AC. We offer DC fuses exclusively.

Size for In-Rush Loads

These fast acting fuses bolt to battery or distribution lugs and provide the protection you need. Because they are fast acting, they must be sized for in-rush loads.

Ordering Information

Fuse, 100 Amps #1133-100
Fuse, 150 Amps #1133-150
Fuse, 200 Amps #1133-200
Fuse, 300 Amps #1133-300
Fuse, 400 Amps #1133-400
Fuse, 500 Amps #1133-500
Fuse, 600 Amps #1133-600
Fuse, 800 Amps #1133-800