Ample Power Distribution Posts



Stop using the engine block as a distribution terminal and install a professional system instead. Single and multiple distribution posts are offered with bronze bolts and plated copper bus bars.

The single distribution posts can also be used to mount fuses for a Class A installation. We also offer a special distribution bar that has four large bolts and 29 smaller studs that can be used to terminate the negative sides of the usual DC loads. With this distribution bar, you can know where every wire is terminated, and be assured that the connection to negative distribution is secure and low resistance.

Ordering Information

Distribution Post, 5/16 #1039-1-5/16
Distribution Post, 3/8 #1039-1-3/8
Distribution Bar, 4/29-Post #1039-4
Distribution Bar, 5-Post #1039-5
Distribution Bar, 7-Post #1039-7