High Current Battery On/Off Switches

Single On/Off

With the preferred system, you don't need the 1-2-BOTH switch. In that system, all you need is an emergency parallel switch. These switches can be used for that purpose, or as disconnect switches at the batteries to permit working on the system without removing cables. The switches are also useful as starter disconnect switches. These switches are operated with keys for additional security.

Application Information

The #1132-1 is rated at 500 Amps intermittently and 150 Amps continuous. The #1132-2 is rated for 2000 Amps intermittently and 500 Amps continuously.

The #1132-1 is 2.2 inches, (56mm), in diameter and measures 4.2 inches, (107 mm), from front to back with the key installed. The corresponding dimensions for the #1132-2 are 4.7 inches, (119.5 mm), diameter and 5.4 inches, (137 mm), depth.

Ordering Information

Battery Switch #1132-1
Battery Switch #1132-2