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Remote Systems Monitor and Internet Server

The Remote Systems Monitor, RSM, collects data from EnerMatic Controllers and uploads it on request to an Internet Server. That data is made available via web pages to authorized viewers.

The RSM communicates with an EnerMatic Controller over the RAP serial port. There are multiple serial ports on the RSM allowing it to communicate with EnerMatic Controllers operating in redundant configurations.

The RSM interfaces with the Internet Server via an Ethernet connection.

Most traffic between the RSM and the Server is initiated by the server when it gathers requested data. However, the RSM can initiate communications and does so for abnormal conditions.

The Server can pick up data from the RSM in small chunks spread over the day. A web server at each site is possible, but cost will be greater, and web servers typically need high bandwidth to support requests for pages.

The Server provides data plots showing selected parameters, and has other data reduction and analysis functions available depending on user requirements.

Custom analysis features can be provided ...contact us for details.