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Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power

Revised, updated and expanded in 1995... now better than ever. If you plan to install your own Ample Power System, then Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power is just the book to get you started and help you do it right the first time. Presented are general schematics, wiring details and troubleshooting information not found in other publications. Even if you don't do your own wiring, Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power is a must book. Chapters cover the history of electrics from 600 BC to the modern age.

Covered are DC electricity, DC magnetics, AC electricity, electric loads, charge sources, batteries, wiring practices, system components, tools and troubleshooting. A chapter devoted to schematics presents many of the electrical wiring diagrams necessary in a boat of the 1990's. With thorough coverage, and easy to read style, Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power has become another marine best-seller.

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