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EnerMatic Communications
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User Interfaces
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Featured Product ...EnerMatic System


There are many ways for users to communicate with an EnerMatic Controller ...PCs, laptops, web tablets, GSM modems, or an Ample Power web server.

The primary user interface to the EnerMatic is terminal based. In fact a computer terminal common in the 1970s can be used, but today PCs can emulate such a device. On Windows machines HyperTerminal is the most common terminal emulator program. Apple and Linux computers also have terminal emulator programs.

Below is a verbatim copy of the screen for the top menu of the Enermatic Controller.

Top Menu for EnerMatic Controller

    1. View Operational Data
    2. View/Set Date/Time
    3. Configure, Program, Calibrate
    4. Log In/Out
    5. Installation Checkout
    6. Operate System

Press F4 to exit menu. Enter Selection:

The User Interface has menus, forms, and data displays, with copious help information that is displayed. Configuration and programmed setpoints are non-volatile, and can also be dumped to a file on the PC. The file can be read into the EnerMatic later to restore settings.

Firmware can also be upgraded in the EnerMatic Controller by reading a file on the PC. Upgrade firmware files can be downloaded from http://www.amplepower.net.